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How To Dress For An Interview

Although every company has a dress code, dressing appropriately for the job interview is a must, and following these tips will allow you to make that all important first impression.


If in doubt as to what to wear for an interview, don’t dress down; rather, you should wear a suit, along with a conservative shirt and tie. Custom suits are an option, although will cost you more. Your suit and shirt should be clean, freshly pressed and of course, comfortably fitting. It’s no good trying to squeeze into the same suit you wore 20 years ago.


proper attire for men
Men should wear proper attire during the interview.

You should also be neatly groomed, and make a point of bathing or showering that same day or the day before. Don’t put on aftershave or cologne, and make sure that you have brushed your teeth and your breath is fresh. A neat beard and/or moustache is acceptable. Your shoes should match your clothes and should be freshly polished. In short, as long as you are well groomed and presentable and are dressed appropriately, you will be taken much more seriously at the interview. You may even increase your chances of getting the job.


Women should always err on the side of being conservative, which means a suit with pants or a skirt, and ideally something that is dark in colour, not too short and not too ostentatious. Of course, it’s also important to make sure your clothes fit well, your shoe match and that everything is freshly pressed and clean. Shirts with slogans, skimpy or see-through outfits are of course, not appropriate. Basic pumps are comfortable and won’t slip off your feet or cause you trouble walking. Make sure your hose doesn’t have runs or tears.

proper attire
Dressing appropriately is one of the most important steps and can increase your self-confidence.

Although deodorant is a must, you should not wear any strong perfume. Of course, you should bathe or shower, make sure your hair is washed and brushed, although in general don’t wear too much makeup. Brush your teeth, and make sure your breath is fresh, especially if you smoke.

Always remember that it’s generally better to be overdressed than underdressed, although you can dress down a bit for a second interview. Dressing appropriately is one of the most important steps and can increase your self-confidence and ensure the company takes you seriously.

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Job interview tips for the Finance Sector

Job interview tips for finance sector are the hallmark of quality hiring. As a rule of thumb, any finance hiring manager who’s too rushed to pay attention to job interview tips for finance sector almost always ends up with bad eggs in the basket. Therefore, job interview tips for finance sector is an invaluable asset towards getting the best people for the job.

The following job interview tips for finance sector illustrate how you can use the Socratic method to find the best people for the job.

What is your passion?

By asking this all-important question, it’s easy to see how job interview tips for finance sector can get you the golden goose instead of the Humpty Dumpty. As someone responsible for screening job applicants, your industry is one of the most in need of proper pre-qualification techniques. So just because the interviewee says that he or she likes to make a lot of money–is no sure indicator of true passion.

What is your biggest success story?

According to job interview tips for the finance sector, the second question is the best follow up to the previous question. Like a sleuth, posing such an inquiry can uncover the true nature of the beast. The third question, based on tried and tested job interview tips for finance sector quantifies what the applicant can contribute to the organization.

What will be your unique contribution to the job?

If you see sweaty palms or sweat beads on the forehead at this point, you have reason to doubt the authenticity of the prospective employee, says job interview tips for the finance sector. Do you want to give the interviewee a second chance? Just ask the next question to allow the candidate to elaborate.

What difficulties have you overcome in life or your career?

This one is a sure show-stopper. That is, you get to uncover yet more lies or truth through job interview tips for the finance sector. There are still many other inquiries you can launch from your face-to-face session with a finance advisor applicant. By adopting the psychological stance which sits at the very core of proven job interview tips for the finance sector, zeroing in on the right candidate can be fun rather than a chore.

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